Industrial Flooring in Atlanta, GA

Industrial Floor Coatings and Concrete Polishing in Atlanta, GA

Flooring Solutions That Are Made to Last

Does your Atlanta business or industrial facility need a new floor or perhaps a fresh floor coating for an old floor? CPC Floor Coatings does it all, and we do it right. From concrete polishing and specialized finishes to epoxy and urethane coatings, our experience and quality in the field of industrial floors is unmatched.

Doing the Job Right for Our Atlanta Customers

In order for us to consider a floor well done, we need to be able to walk away from the job knowing our customers have tough, durable floors that look fantastic. Quality is the cornerstone of our process, from the initial phone call until the project’s completion.

Learn more about the types of flooring projects we’ve done in Atlanta, GA and elsewhere:

Specialty Flooring Coatings in Atlanta, GA

Why Atlanta’s Businesses Choose CPC

There’s a reason CPC Floor Coatings continues to thrive on repeat business in Atlanta – it’s our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal at CPC is to ensure that every experience you have with our team of flooring experts is a good one. We take customer satisfaction personally. That’s what makes us different from any other specialty flooring contractor. If you are not happy with the floor we’ve coated or polished for you, let us know so we can work to make it right.

What do your Atlanta facility’s floors need in order to meet safety standards and last?

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