USDA Approved Floor Coatings

USDA Approved Flooring for Food and Beverage Processing

Keep workers safe and meet USDA regulations

Do you own a restaurant, bottling plant, brewery, or other food processing facility? You’ll need flooring that not only keeps employees safe during fast-paced work, but one that limits the spread of bacteria and other microbes.

The United States Department of Agriculture requires that flooring in food processing facilities be made of “durable, easily cleaned materials, and be impervious to moisture.” If you currently have concrete flooring, consider investing in a specialized epoxy or urethane floor coating (or a combination of the two) specially designed to meet USDA flooring requirements.

Benefits of food-grade epoxy and urethane coatings:

  • Sanitation – Because epoxy and urethane coatings designed for food processing are impervious to moisture, it makes them easier to clean. They can withstand high water temperatures and hold up under most cleaning solutions. Oils and grease won’t stain or discolor the concrete and, more importantly, liquids can’t seep into the porous concrete below and become a breeding ground for mold or microbes.
  • Safety – Kitchens and food processing plants can be dangerous in terms of slip hazards, especially when there are frequent spills and constant movement. Food-grade epoxy and urethane coatings can also include slip-resistant features that provide extra grip, even when wet.
  • Durability – Both urethane and epoxy coatings are scratch-resistant and may last for up to a decade when properly maintained.
  • Aesthetics – Epoxy flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, or it can highlight the beauty of existing floors beneath.

Professional installations

Epoxy and urethane coatings only offer the benefits above when they’re properly bonded to the concrete beneath—which requires careful surface preparation before application. To make the most of your floor coating investment and to be sure you’re following USDA standards, consult an expert flooring team.

In the next section, we’ll walk you through what you should be looking for in a proper installation.

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