concrete floor services for new construction

Concrete Floor Services for New Construction

Moisture Control, Durable Coatings, and More

Are you a contractor or business owner overseeing an industrial or commercial construction project? If your facility is built on a concrete slab, you can transform it into durable and attractive flooring with the right treatment.

Vapor barrier coatings

New concrete’s high moisture content can cause major problems with new floor coatings, causing coating failures such as bubbling and peeling, and excessive amounts of moisture can cause maintenance problems in the building down the road.

The experts at CPC Floor Coatings won’t put down a floor coating without making sure the moisture issues are taken care of first. If needed, we can apply a specialty moisture vapor barrier to prevent any problems before they happen. Learn more about vapor barrier coatings.

Concrete polishing

Polishing your concrete slab to a glossy shine gives your facility a stylish but low-maintenance flooring option that’s great for coffee shops, retail spaces, customer lobbies and more. CPC Floor Coatings offers both wet and dry concrete polishing, and our crews don’t take the shortcuts that are common in our industry. Learn more about concrete polishing.

Epoxy and urethane concrete coatings

If you’d like a more colorful flooring option—or if your facility will have to withstand frequent spills from liquids or endure heavy foot or vehicle traffic—consider a long-lasting floor coating such as epoxy or urethane. When applied properly, these coatings can protect concrete flooring for a decade or more. CPC also offers slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, and safety-marked flooring options. Learn more about our specialty floor coatings.

Professional concrete floor coating contractors

CPC’s crews have the experience and the equipment to get the job done on time and within budget, and we honor our estimates. We’ve been in business for 45 years and have worked hard to earn our reputation for doing the job right the first time.

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