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We partner with General Contractors to provide quality work completed on time

Industrial flooring isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. Every job is different because every floor is different. Floors have varying strengths and weaknesses with histories that determine their current condition.

As a general contractor, you may need to take a different approach to flooring than you did on your last project, or you may benefit from doing additional research on the subcontractor your colleague recommended before giving them your business. As a dedicated Industrial Floor Coating Contractor, we believe in taking the time to fully understand your project so that we can give you a floor that’s made and laid just the way you need it.

CPC Floor Coatings commonly works to the following specifications:

Division 03: Concrete

  • 033543: Polished Concrete Finishing — Ground and polished concrete floor slabs, including stained and polished concrete.

Division 09: Finishes

  • 096723: Resinous Flooring — Fluid-applied monolithic flooring including decorative epoxy and urethane resins.
  • 099726: Cementitious Coatings — Polymer-modified cementitious coatings on masonry and concrete; exterior and interior.

Our Unique Approach to Industrial Flooring

Our unique approach includes specialized equipment with maximum capabilities for conducting high-tech tests, including moisture tests, curing compound tests, or oil deposit tests. Through testing, we work to understand the details of your facility so that the process of putting in new flooring will run smoothly. CPC also has specialized equipment for the removal of previous floor coatings, the repair of concrete surfaces, and a thorough cleaning of the space before installation.

At CPC, we believe in and act on integrity. When we work with general contractors, we assess the facility and provide the right solution. If CPC isn’t the right fit for your specific needs, we’ll direct you to another subcontractor we trust who is. If we do take on your job, however, it’s because we have the right equipment and knowledge to complete your project in the safest, most professional manner.

CPC focuses on specialized floor coatings for unique environments. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in the technical aspects of special floor coatings, such as extreme chemical resistant flooring and electrostatic dissipative flooring. However unusual or specific your need, we find a solution that fits.

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Our Qualifications as Industrial Flooring Contractors

Flooring is not the place to pinch pennies. You want a subcontractor with the experience to complete the job you asked for and the skills to do it right. A good flooring installer will help you protect your investment so that you can enjoy peace of mind during the entire flooring project.

When putting in new flooring, a good general contractor knows how important it is to hire experienced flooring contractors. CPC Floor Coatings has been installing surfaces since the 1980s (including the time when we were known only as Carolina Painting Company), and we’ve developed an excellent reputation as industrial flooring contractors across the Southeast. We’ve worked in the industry for more than 45 years and laid floors in a variety of environments—from chemical plants to church lobbies, and even horse stables to hydroelectric dams. Our teams know the world of concrete flooring and draw from a wealth of experience when we recommend and execute solutions.
Certified Quality
We are ICRI Certified, and proud Associate members of the Carolinas Associated General Contractors.
At CPC, we understand your projects have deadlines. That’s why we work closely with clients to evaluate a project’s scope and then set a deadline we’re confident we can meet. After decades of experience in refinishing concrete flooring, our reliable technicians and staff consistently complete jobs on time and with the utmost care.
Comprehensive Solutions
Our team isn’t limited to just one product or method. Our professional crews can apply epoxy, urethane, or specialty coatings such as ESD, USDA-approved, and chemically resistant coatings—whatever is the best solution for your client’s flooring needs. We have specialized equipment to perform wet polish for concrete that is 100% dust-free, and can also handle concrete joint repair and caulking.

Browse Our Work to see some of the industrial floors we’ve done and read case studies of jobs we’ve completed.

A step-by-step look at how we service industrial floors for general contractors

Assessment and testing

Before taking on a new project for a general contractor, our team of industrial flooring contractors will conduct a 1:1 consultation in which we can obtain information about the GC’s project — expectations, timeframe, and other details. Our staff will listen closely, gauge the project based on the specific services we offer, and provide a recommendation to complete the project. If it’s not a good fit for our team, we will recommend another qualified service provider.

Upon accepting a project, our technicians will conduct proper testing for the facility so that we can understand the space and address any potential issues before they arise. Tests may include moisture testing, curing compound testing, or oil deposit testing.

Removal of previous floor coatings

Certain types of floor coatings are compatible with having a new finish installed on top; however, other types of floor coatings could cause peeling or a weakened surface if not properly removed before installing a new surface. At CPC, we know how to ensure your new flooring surface bonds directly with the concrete to provide the safest and strongest binding. Our staff will assess your current floor and remove the previous flooring if necessary.

Preparing and repairing concrete surfaces

CPC technicians will prepare the surface for coating by repairing problems that need to be addressed prior to installing a new surface. An uneven concrete floor can complicate or hinder the final coating process, and irregularities in the surface can also present safety issues. Any obvious spalling or cracks (including regular joints) should be repaired and filled. Our experts can also identify smaller imperfections or hidden weaknesses that might otherwise go unnoticed until after installation.

Because some coatings bond better when the underlying concrete has a slightly rough texture, your contractor may use a grinder or another tool over the surface of the entire floor.


Once the concrete has been repaired and texturized, it will need a deep cleaning to make sure all oil and residues are removed. Your contractor may choose one of several methods, including steam cleaning, acid wash, or pressure washing.

It’s also very important that the surface of the floor be cleared of all dirt, dust and other debris immediately before the floor coating is applied, since these can be trapped under the coating and leave lasting marks in the final product.


The installation process looks different depending on the type of coating being applied. Epoxy, for example, involves the application of two very different layers that chemically bond together.

During installation, your flooring technicians will pay special attention to important steps such as environmental control (finding ways to maintain a consistent temperature and/or humidity level, despite changes in the weather).

They will also clearly communicate a list of care recommendations, including how long your particular floor coating will need to cure before it has completely bonded to the concrete. Rolling heavy equipment over your freshly completed floors could damage it.


Projects vary in cost based on a customer’s needs and wants, but we always provide a price quote before we do any work. We usually encourage general contractors to evaluate cost based on this question: What will be the cost of not coating this floor? 
Some subcontractors work off of square foot pricing, but square foot pricing should be used only for frame of reference in anticipated spending, not a formal quote.

Nothing lasts forever and nothing is indestructible. A properly selected coating system with proper surface preparation and installation should last for decades, provided it is used within its correctly designed limits.

Yes, our flooring comes with a warranty. Unlike many subcontractors, we actually encourage general contractors to read and understand the “fine print.” We are always happy to point out and discuss warranty limitations with you.

It depends. Some subcontractors will tell general contractors whatever they want to hear just to get the job. Chances are, you’ve experienced this once or twice. Make sure your flooring contractor isn’t overpromising only to underdeliver. You can’t afford to have parts of the job compromised because a subcontractor is trying to hit a deadline they weren’t prepared to meet in the first place (ex. shortening cure times for the materials).

There are no perfect floors. Minor imperfections can be expected for most jobs, but they’re usually so subtle that you wouldn’t even notice them in a photograph. Good flooring contractors should always strive for perfection, but they can’t guarantee it. More importantly, your subcontractor should be upfront in discussing what imperfections you can expect and make sure you are comfortable with them.

Yes, but most touch-up jobs show and do not hide flaws the same way touching up paint on a wall does.

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We’re a 100% family-owned company in Easley, South Carolina, just outside of Greenville. We work within a 300-mile radius of our location, so don’t hesitate to call us if you’re working on a job in North Carolina, Georgia or another surrounding state.

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CPC Service Area

  • CPC Floor Coatings is based out of Easley, South Carolina, located in the beautiful Upstate area. Our placement here allows us to work within a 300-mile radius of Easley, which not only means that we can help general contractors working on job sites within South Carolina, but also as far afield as Georgia, North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee among other regions.

Industries We Serve

CPC Floor Coatings works with a selected group of coating manufacturers to provide options for your specific needs. This means we’re able to work many different industries, despite their very specialized needs. The industries we work with are:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • General Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Parking Garages
  • New Construction