Concrete Caulking & Joint Repair

Concrete Joint and Cracking Repair

Protect Your Floors from Costly Damage

Your concrete floor offers immense strength, but by nature concrete will crack as it cures and settles over time. This cracking can be controlled initially with control joints that encourage the concrete to crack along straight lines.

However, joint deterioration, un-caulked joints, and unplanned cracks can cause a number of problems in an industrial setting, including:

  • Moisture seeping into the cracks
  • Leaking oils or chemicals contaminating the floors and/or corroding them
  • Increased costs for repairs and maintenance to the floor itself
  • Difficulty cleaning as debris gets trapped in cracks
  • Wear and tear on vehicles (plus driver fatigue) as wheels jolt across the uneven floor

Vehicle issues are especially costly, since they not only slow down production and increase the need for vehicle repair, but they can quickly accelerate spalling and other damage to the floor.

Protecting Your Concrete Flooring

After your floor has fully settled (which may be up to a year after it’s been poured), you’ll want to extend the life of your floor and of your vehicles by filling in and protecting joints and cracks. Here are some of the most common solutions:

  • Sealers – Sealers are made of a soft material that fills in the crack and prevents moisture, debris, and liquids from getting in. It expands and contracts with the concrete and keeps the surface of the floor smooth and even.
  • Fillers – For high-traffic areas or places with significant spalling, rigid fillers are used to replace the damaged concrete and restore strength and evenness to the floor.
  • Specialized fillers – If your facility handles corrosive chemicals or has problems with recurring cracking, you may need to work with a flooring expert to customize a solution.

Not sure which solution is right for you? The experts at CPC Floor Coatings will be happy to assess your floors, look for existing damage, and recommend the best solution for you.

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