Concrete Deck Waterproofing for Stadiums

Keep your guests safe while protecting your investment.

If you manage an outdoor sports stadium, you know the tremendous investment your facility represents. You want to keep your patrons safe and protect the stadium’s concrete structure in all kinds of weather, all year round.

Cities around the world are building massive new edifices for sports teams and outdoor events. Some municipalities are even paying to refurbish old stadiums, an environmentally friendly choice that helps preserve local architectural flavor. In fact, refinishing aging stadium seats has grown into a cottage industry as sports fans are beginning to invest more heavily in memorabilia.

Regardless of age, most city-wide stadiums hold about 100,0000 spectators, and it's not uncommon to see outdoor venues that seat 50,000 people on college or university campuses. Not only do these structures contain mammoth seating capacities, but they also require extensive upkeep by owners and managers.

Open-top sports venues get far greater exposure to inclement weather than traditional buildings that enjoy the protection of four walls and a roof. Plus, sports stadiums tend to endure a lot of maltreatment from heavy-footed fans who often climb, cheer, stomp, and drop drinks on the ground as part of the fun. Consequently, stadium floors have to be sealed, coated, grouted, and generally protected against abrasion, temperature fluctuations, and inclement weather.

Most athletic facilities are constructed from steel and concrete. These materials create strong, durable, and attractive buildings, but they pose some risk of deterioration when exposed to the elements. Contractors are waterproofing concrete foundations, walls, and floors to keep them from buckling and cracking under stress.

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Section one

Why do sports facilities need waterproofing?

Guest safety

Sports fans expect to climb stairs when they're at an event. Guests with tickets to sit in the nosebleed section know they'll have to climb many levels up, often while holding snacks, drinks, other paraphernalia, and the hands of small children. These attendees expect to tread on safe, slip-resistant stairs, not something that's cracked, stained, or worn down smooth.

Yet these same stairs endure constant insults from all kinds of weather along with abrasions from heavy foot traffic. Freeze-thaw cycles can also cause concrete to crack, which in turn can allow moisture to seep through the concrete's pores and settle next to the steel reinforcements inside. The steel then grows a layer of rust, which further attacks the concrete from inside. Soon, the facility starts to look — and be — unsafe and unstable. A waterproof floor coating can help prevent this kind of structural deterioration.

Municipal pride and team spirit

Great flooring isn't just about ensuring guest safety and structural longevity; it's also a matter of community pride. Ticket-purchasing event goers expect to see the site itself showing off their team spirit. Tax payers want a public building that grows into a city landmark, showcasing the community's sense of pride and identity. That's why builders embed images of mascots, team names, and local sayings into great-looking flooring.

Team pride creates something beyond a good feeling. Many stadiums host more than sporting events. Conferences and cultural activities may also rent the facility during off season. As a result, these buildings become revenue generators for cities and campuses. Since event attendees expect a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, facility owners want to see brightly colored, highly polished, and crack-free floor surfaces.

In addition to mascots and city names, some stadium floors include directions to concessions or arrows that help manage traffic flow. These patterns need to remain clear and visible to guests.

Going green

Stadium managers can rest assured that flooring specialists can install environmentally friendly floor coatings for their facilities. Green options for stadiums include recycled content and soy-based resin products.

Moreover, floor resurfacers can eliminate the need to replace slabs, an approach that helps keep landfills clear. Of course, refinishing a stadium's floor cover is less costly in both economic and environmental terms than laying an entirely new floor. And finally, floors can help accumulate USGBC LEED points.

Section two

What floor covering options are there for stadiums and other outdoor venues?

Most stadium floor covers consist of high-quality epoxy embedded with decorative enhancements.

Builders choose epoxy because it provides a durable coating that's both safe for guests and aesthetically pleasing. This coating comes in a glossy or satin finish and can hold quartz, flake, or other decorative enhancements. Buyers can choose from different textures, colors, and durability ratings.

Some stadium floors are constructed from Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), a substance laid over a concrete substrate. MMA's strength and durability create an exceptional surface that maintains its beauty and functionality under even harsh weather conditions.

Urethane mortar systems provide another option that can keep floors looking great for a long time. These systems can hinder bacterial growth in key areas such as restrooms and concession stands.

Uncoated concrete floors, however, can deteriorate quickly. Although strong and hard, concrete is a porous substance. Spilled drinks, mopping, pressure washing, or housing down after an event all contribute to concrete's destruction.

Waterproof floor coverings can help keep stadium and arena floors looking great and lasting a long time no matter the weather they withstand.

Section three

How do I choose the right waterproof floor covering for my arena?

CPC Floor Coatings has been in the industrial coating industry for decades, and our experienced crews can install waterproof deck coatings for all sizes of stadiums and arenas.

We’ll work with the coating suppliers you have chosen, or we can recommend products tailored to your needs.

We can also install anti-slip coatings for walkways and stairs that will keep event attendees safe even in inclement weather. Plus, we can add floor striping and markings for improved traffic flow or to give a shout out to the home team.

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