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CPC Floor Coatings work with clients from across an array of industries to create durable and beautiful flooring solutions.

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Medical Manufacturing

Safe and reliable flooring is key for medical manufacturers who need to meet Joint Commission Standards. In this industry, floors help maintain product and process safety, encourage worker safety, and even help direct traffic flow to minimize accidents.

As the healthcare sector grows in response both to the pandemic and to the aging American population, medical manufacturing facilities can expect a sharp increase in work volume. That means more traffic on the floors. Right now, many medical manufacturing plants are applying for government funds to help renovate their facilities. A new floor coating could prove an effective use of that capital expenditure.

Commercial & Retail

Retail store owners know the value of a beautiful, durable floor. American buyers often go to stores in search of products they've seen advertised. Because the ad has established the ideas these consumers hold about the product, they unconsciously expect to see the ad replicated in real life.

People are more likely to buy a product when the area around the display looks welcoming and inviting. In a retail establishment, flooring treatments help establish that ambiance as well as ensure both worker and customer safety.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Drug manufacturers need to meet very high standards of safety and security determined by the Federal Drug Administration. Flooring doesn't get a pass from the regulatory agency. Regulators expect to see smooth, nonporous surfaces with no cracks or joints showing.

Epoxy, urethane, or polished concrete flooring can help pharmaceutical companies meet these standards. At CPC Flooring, we can also help you select an extreme chemical resistant floor covering to protect your subfloor against chemical damage.

Chemical Manufacturing

Some facilities such as restaurants and labs have to cope with regular spills that may eat away at floor coverings or subfloors. Urine, blood, acid, oil, diesel, or even detergent can have an abrasive effect on flooring.

If the subfloor is made of concrete, which is a porous material, these substances can eat deep into the flooring material. Concrete will often crack, buckle, or split after prolonged exposure to spills. Acid-proof floor coatings made from basic or upgraded epoxy can help protect subfloors from damage caused by chemical spills.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities experience some of the harshest conditions that structures can endure. Normal abrasion, chloride ion induced corrosion, chemicals used to clean sewage, and freeze-thaw conditions all contribute to decay and destruction in wastewater plants.

Several flooring types can work well in these buildings, though, and concrete remains a popular choice. Nevertheless, chemicals and corrosion will destroy concrete. pH and acid-resistant coatings that contain anti-microbial properties can help protect what lies underneath.

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and outdoor arenas experience abrasion and water damage from constant exposure to the best and worst conditions the weather has to offer. In addition to precipitation and wind, heavy traffic, regular spills, and frequent pressure washes can take their toll on the concrete used in a stadium's construction.

An epoxy floor covering can help protect concrete from weather-induced damage. Stadiums can also use floor coverings to showcase hometown pride, team spirit, or even wayfinding markers with colorful graphic inserts.

General Manufacturing

Factory owners and managers are often looking for affordable, safe, and durable floor coverings that can last a long time. Epoxy and urethane both make excellent choices for manufacturing facilities with heavy foot traffic. At CPC Floor Coatings, we can also help food service manufacturers and restaurateurs select a floor covering that's compliant with USDA regulations and cGMP standards. Our flooring choices include anti-slip coatings, extreme chemical resistant flooring, and electrostatic dissipative flooring.


Warehouse floors take a lot of abuse. Heavy machinery, foot traffic, and everything involved in operating a warehouse can put a heavy strain on the floor.

CPC Floor Coatings offers several possible solutions for warehouses, including concrete polishing, floor coatings, floor-joint and crack filling, and anti-slip coatings. We can also provide floor striping for 5S organizations and others wanting to create easier waymarks for traffic flow.

Parking Garages

Parking garage floors have to withstand the pressure of vehicles along with foot traffic and constant exposure to the elements. It's no wonder that these facilities experience heavy wear and tear.

Our flooring solutions for parking garages include chemical and wear-resistant floor coatings, slip-resistant floor coatings, moisture vapor-controlled floor coatings, and safety ID floor coatings to maximize efficiency and minimize confusion for users.

New Construction

General contractors who are looking for a flooring contractor in the Southeast should strongly consider partnering with us. We can handle all of your coating mechanical concrete polishing requirements for almost any commercial or industrial construction project.

CPC Floor Coatings commonly works to Division 03 (Concrete) specifications for polished concrete finishing and Division 09 (Finishes) specifications for resinous flooring and cementitious coatings.

Food & Beverage

CPC Floor Coatings can help beer brewers, coffee roasters, food packagers, or restaurateurs fashion a beautiful, safe, and durable floor that meets regulatory standards. Polished concrete, urethane, and other coatings can protect subfloors from spills while keeping the facility looking fresh and vibrant. Moreover, at CPC Floor Coatings, we can help you find a long-lasting, specialized floor coating designed to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.


The experts at CPC Floor Coatings can make specific flooring recommendations based on your unique manufacturing facility.

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