Industrial Flooring in Charlotte, NC

Commercial Floor Coatings and Concrete Polishing in Charlotte, NC

Providing the Kind of Durability Every Industrial Floor Needs

Concrete polishing and specialty floor coatings not only breathe new life into old commercial floors, but they also provide unmatched durability. If that’s the kind of flooring your industrial facility in Charlotte needs, then CPC Floor Coatings is your ideal flooring contractor. With a great deal of experience and a consistent track record, we’re Charlotte’s pick for epoxy and urethane floor coatings.

Quality Standards That Deliver

Not only do we consider quality to be the cornerstone of our business, but it’s also a tangible result of the work we do in Charlotte. At the end of a project, the customer can see and use a floor that’s durable, long-lasting, safe, and attractive. The floor we promise is always the floor we deliver. If it’s not, it’s better.

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Specialty Flooring Coatings in Charlotte, NC

Charlotteans Keep Coming Back to CPC

Most times, when we head to Charlotte on a job, it’s for a repeat customer. We’re convinced that our customers keep coming back because we treat them with exceptional customer service. The fact that we strive to make every customer experience a positive one is what makes us different from another specialty flooring contractor in the industry.

The customer service doesn’t cease at the end of a project, either. If a customer is unhappy with the work we have done, we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

What do the floors of your industrial facility in Charlotte, NC need in order to look better, improve safety, and last for years to come?

Contact us today and schedule a consultation. We’d love to discover and deliver a flooring solution for you.