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Flooring for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants

Durable and sanitary flooring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

When you’re managing a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, you have to uphold extremely high standards of safety and sanitation. Make sure your plant’s flooring works with you, not against you, in keeping your workers and end customers safe.

At CPC Floor Coatings, we can recommend a customized flooring solution based on your factory’s unique needs. We can install a combination of the following flooring options:

  • Epoxy – This two-part coating chemically bonds to the surface of your floor, making it extremely durable and damage-resistant. It’s also impervious to liquid and easy to clean, making it a sanitary flooring option.
  • Urethane – Whether on its own or in combination with an epoxy coating, urethane is damage- and corrosion-resistant and stands up well under heavy traffic.
  • Extreme chemical resistant – For sections in your manufacturing plant that handle especially corrosive substances, we’ll help you select a heavy-duty coating that resists chemical damage and protects the floor beneath.
  • Safety flooring –Protect employees from injury with anti-slip flooring, and use line striping to quickly communicate important process and safety information.
  • Polished concrete flooring – Glossy polished concrete can make a great impression in lobbies, hallways, and other customer-focused areas.

Our flooring experts would be happy to talk with you about the unique needs of your pharmaceutical plant and tailor a solution to your budget. Call for a free consultation at (864) 855-0600 or contact us using the form to the right.

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