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Warehouse Flooring Solutions

Flooring options tailored to your facility’s needs

If you manage a warehouse or packaging facility, you know your floors can take a lot of abuse—from heavy machinery, constant foot traffic, and just the realities of day-to-day operations. But it’s important to keep floors well-maintained for the safety of your employees and attractive-looking to instill pride in your organization.

CPC Floor Coatings offers a variety of warehouse flooring solutions, tailored to the needs of your facility and your industry. We can recommend and execute a number of flooring options to keep your warehouse clean, safe, and efficient:

  • High-gloss concrete polishing – Give your floors an attractive architectural shine while also making them stronger. The mechanical process of polishing concrete actually increases the density and hardness of your warehouse floor.
  • Dust-free concrete polishing – If you handle food or beverage products, opt for the wet polishing method to avoid the possibility of dust contamination. This method creates a lower-luster shine with all the strength that traditional polishing offers.
  • Epoxy floor coating – Protect your floor from spills and abrasions with a durable and attractive epoxy coating.
  • Floor striping for 5S organization – Reduce clutter, improve traffic flow, and communicate safety information in an instant with strategic floor striping.
  • Floor joint and crack filling – Unfilled joints and unplanned cracks can pose tripping hazards and can increase wear and tear on your forklifts and other vehicles. CPC can fill and seal cracks and repair spalling to keep your floor in top working order.
  • Anti-slip flooring – If your warehouse deals with spills or other slippery substances on a regular basis, slip-resistant epoxy coatings can help protect employees from fall injuries.
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring – If your warehouse handles sensitive electronic equipment, stray static shocks can do a lot of damage to your inventory. ESD flooring can keep your investment protected.
  • Extreme Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings – Warehouses that handle corrosive acids, cleaners or other materials can protect their floors from deterioration with specially formulated coatings.

The managers and contractors at CPC Floor Coatings know the industry and have experience with warehouses of all sizes. We can make specific flooring recommendations based on your unique facility, and we know how to estimate jobs fairly and accurately. Call for a free consultation at (864) 855-0600 or contact us using the form to the right.

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